Day 2 #safariDay #iTecGDA #semanai

Let’s talk about the safari day, before that I’m going to change the propourse of this and the next post’s. In the first post I was talking about hackers, how to protect your data and info, but it wasn’t the aim of the workshop with Ken Bauer.

Here are photos I took in the safari day:

The activity was to cut some words of a news paper, magazine, … etc and use them in photos to give a little description of it.

The first image has the word «limpiar», I admit it it was dificult to find someone that was cleanning in the university, I searched many places there wasn’t who was cleanning. So luckily found a person cleanning the pool, took it quickly cause I wasn’t him to notice that I was taking a photo. I did it!!


I felt that it was the most difficult picture that I took. The others were occational and I wans’t afraid of noticing them.

Be ready for the next post!

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