Day #3 interview

In this post I interviewed  @HappyNachou who is studing in TEC previously was in Autónoma de Guadalajara studing computer systems engineering same as in TEC. In this recording I asked him how was his expirience there, so here is the recording:

After hearing the recording, I thought about all the things that David told me, I can conclude that if the student really doesn’t want to be better each day, there is no way he can improve His studies, grades etc… However the student need people to motivate Him, people who believe in Him, people who support Him and people who want to help others.

Thats what I thought, personally I don´t want to feel alone in the university, now I feel glad to be in my university.


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Day 2 #safariDay #iTecGDA #semanai

Let’s talk about the safari day, before that I’m going to change the propourse of this and the next post’s. In the first post I was talking about hackers, how to protect your data and info, but it wasn’t the aim of the workshop with Ken Bauer.

Here are photos I took in the safari day:

The activity was to cut some words of a news paper, magazine, … etc and use them in photos to give a little description of it.

The first image has the word «limpiar», I admit it it was dificult to find someone that was cleanning in the university, I searched many places there wasn’t who was cleanning. So luckily found a person cleanning the pool, took it quickly cause I wasn’t him to notice that I was taking a photo. I did it!!


I felt that it was the most difficult picture that I took. The others were occational and I wans’t afraid of noticing them.

Be ready for the next post!

Who do we trust?

Hi! I am Guillermo García, will be writing for this week posts in this blog about security. These posts are not going to be technical so everyone could read it.

First of all i want to tell you that I am security fan, I always want to be all my stuff secured of hackers. As we know hackers are the bad people of internet. Actually there exists 3 types of hackers. information-security-management-hansa-edirisinghe-4-638

Figure 1: (

White hackers: these are the good guys, these are employed by a company to discover or check faults of the system.

Grey hackers: these guys aren’t employed, these guys dedicate to discover vulnerabilities of the system, but they make an agreement with the company to pay whatever they want, so if the company doesn’t pay the quantity required the hacker make public the vulnerability of the system, that’s why they are bad people.

Black hackers: if these guys found a vulnerability they explode it to earn whatever they can, so these are the really bad people. This kind of hacker make viruses for people like Us, they want to steal all possible important information that we may have.

As You are afraid, I also am, but how could We be protected against them? Buying antivirus, don’t clicking every advertisement in web, making Our passwords stronger by adding numbers, capital letters, symbols … etc. whatever you can remember and you feel that no body is going to guess Your combination. By doing these hackers are going to give up or not trying anymore to hack You.

These are just a few recommendations that I could tell you. So now I invite you to update your passwords as I commented, add whatever you want, but don’t forget it! write it down in a peace of paper and save it!

I will be telling you more recommendations in this weekend!


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